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Meet the Team

Our team at Dental Express is comprised by a group of dental professionals, each one focused on a specific area of dentistry, but working together in a team work oriented environment.

We strive to take a multidisciplinary approach on every single case we take and try to get more than one head in the planning and execution of our dental procedures, always thinking of the patient’s best interest, keeping in mind offering the best solutions at the most affordable prices.

Dental Express team is formed by Dr. Edgard Macias, head of the clinic and implant specialist with training in the U.S., Spain and Colombia, master user of CEREC; Dr. Rodrigo Serrano, General DDS focused on major oral rehabilitation, also with a cosmetic approach, CEREC user; Dr. Sergio Jimenez, General DDS and CEREC user; Dr. Marilu Cruz, Orthodontist; Dr. Maria E Chavez, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentistry (children); Dr. Jorge Garza, Endodontist (root canal specialist); Dr. Dennisse Bocanegra, Perio Specialist, Dr. Andrea Ramirez, General DDS; Dr. Cassandra Ramirez, General DDS; Dr. Tania Vazquez, General DDS. We also have a group of support staff, in which you will find our Receptionists Paola Perez and Karla Rubio, fully bilingual; Dental Assistants Paulina Santos and Ilse Martinez, also bilingual and with a combined experience of over 13 years; we are proud to mention that we also have our own on-site dental laboratory and Dental Technician, Ivan Arrayga who has the hability not only to produce high quality and aesthetic dental prosthesis, but also the unique opportunity to meet you in person, which makes the experience a lot faster and with close to no error.

We also offer various services such as help finding accommodation and a dedicated driver and van; we also offer transportation to/from Guadalajara International Airport (20 min drive) or within Lakeside area at very reasonable fee. Our car is brand new and has capability to transport up to 7 passengers with their luggage and our driver Enrique Ramirez, is fully bilingual and has over 15 years of driving experience both in Guadalajara as well as within Lakeside area.

About Dr. Edgard Macias

I started my education in the University of Texas, Houston, and then moved on to Guadalajara to complete my degree as a Doctor in Dental Surgery in 2007. My education continued for 18 months in a post-graduate degree in Oral Surgery in Mexico's government health system, IMSS.

From there I left the city to work at the original Dental Express office in beautiful Ajijic, a charming village on the banks of Mexico's beautiful Lake Chapala. I loved it so much that I bought the business and expanded to the larger practice and in-house lab we have now, where we offer exceptional cosmetic dentistry using the latest equipment and technology - at prices up to 80% less than in the US or Canada.

‚ÄčOur dental practice is a family affair because my wife is also a dentist, specializing in orthodontics. She holds dual citizenship in both Mexican and the United States, and practiced in the US at the Kids Little Smiles clinic in Arizona before returning to Mexico. We're both dedicated to ensuring our patient's total comfort, safety, and satisfaction at every step of the process, from initial consultation through final visit.

‚ÄčI belong to multiple associations, including the SOJ (Sociedad Odontologica Jaliscience), the FDILA (Federacion Dental Ibero-Latinoamericana), and the local Board of Dentistry in Chapala. I was recently invited to join the Board of Directors of Red Cross Chapala, and am a sponsor for multiple charitable organizations including the Hope House orphanage, the Niños Discapacitados de la Rivera orphanage, and others. My wife and I are fully committed to serving our patients, our practice, and our community.

Our Green Philosophy

At Dental Express, we are aware of how fragile our environment is, and having the best climate year round in America and the 2nd best globally, we are seriously concerned about our impact in the ecosystem around us.

This is why all our Xray machines are what is known as Green Xrays, which entail much lower radiation levels every time we shoot an xray, which is also translated in healthier diagnostics and imaging systems that include less risk on both our staff and our patients.

A big part of this approach is the transition we are almost done with, which consists in utilizing the latest technology in Digital Dentistry, including our 3D CAD/CAM system that allows to perform digital impressions and digital manufacturing of your teeth in minutes, reducing all the waste produce with the older techniques (alginate, cast, disposable molding trays, disposable impression materials and their components such as injection tips and carriers, etc).

We also have reduced our paper waste by using digital photography, digital record management and our latest advance, 3D printing of our models with a digital scanner and 3D printer, which allows to perform live diagnostics on the spot (not weeks later) for both functional and cosmetic dentistry as well as our Digital Smile Design, the latest interactive software created to show our patients a live and almost instantaneous projection of what we could do, only in minutes.

Why Choose Dr. Macias and the Digital Dentistry Method?

It takes a special kind of dentist with a passion for technology as well as an artistic eye, to create elegantly-formed teeth that work in harmony with a patient's face. Dr. Macias prefers Digital Dentistry over old-school methods for creating the perfect smile makeover because it is the most accurate, fast, and reliable technology available. The Cerec sytem allows him to maintain control over the entire smile makeover process, from initial consultation through final fitting. It's imperative that each step in the process is handled by a professional with an understanding of the patient's individual dental health, functional requirements, and aesthetics. If any step in the process fails, the results will be inferior.

Dr. Macias is certified and experienced in utilizing the cutting-edge CEREC System by Sirona - a world-class technology that allows him to create custom dental implants, dentures and crowns on-site, in his office, without sending the work to an outside lab. This allows the doctor to work with you in real-time to create well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing teeth - that you may see and feel in-place, before they are made permanent. That's something you just can't get without cutting-edge digital dentistry equipment and technology.

" I have two passions that come together in my practice - artistic creativity, and the fascinating science of cosmetic dentistry. Every time I walk into our upscale offices, I feel excited about my work and my patients. It's rewarding to serve interesting patients from Mexico, the US, Canada, and beyond. It keeps my work fresh and my practice bustling with a happy staff and even happier patients. I truly love being a cosmetic dentist, and I look forward to being yours."

- Dr. Edgard Macias, D.D.S.

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