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Welcome to the Unique Cosmetic Dentistry Practice of Dr. Edgard Macias, D.D.S.

Patients travel internationally to the charming village of Ajijic, Mexico, seeking Dr. Edgard's artistry and technical expertise in creating beautiful, natural-looking smile makeovers.

From crowns to porcelain veneers, his cosmetic dentistry treatments are customized to meet each patient's individual needs.

Using the latest dental technology and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Edgard provides patients from the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond with safe, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments. His skill and artistry in cosmetic dentistry allows him to produce exceptional results.

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Dr. Edgard Macias Dentistry Services

Metal-Porcelain Crowns

Metal-Free Crowns

Composite Fillings

Teeth Cleaning


Implant-supported Dentures



Implant-supported Full Arch



Root Canal Therapy

Benefits of the Cerec System

Imagine a dental practice where you can go and have your new tooth replacement made and fitted during a single visit and within an hour.

This is what CEREC technology by Sirona Dental Systems has made possible. Now multiply that by a smile makeover of 16 or 18 teeth!

There is no need to wait days or weeks for an outside lab to produce your teeth and return them to the dentist's office. Your crowns, implants and bridge work are designed by Dr. Macias personally, using on-site equipment and facilities, and are available immediately.

For those patients requiring dental implants, well-crafted long-term temporary implants that are exact duplicates of your final teeth, can be fitted in one afternoon. Patients wear their temporary implants from 3 months to a year, allowing the bone to strengthen around the implant base, before receiving their permanent dental work.

During the healing period, patients stay in touch with Dr. Macias, and receive regular monthly checkups at a local dentist in their home location until their return to our offices for final placement.

Using the Cerec system, we create and customize your cosmetic replacements to fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring the exact size, thickness, shape and continuity of your new teeth so they fit well,


function correctly, and offer an aesthetically pleasing smile that compliments the shape and structure of your face.

The outdated method of outsourcing the formation of porcelain teeth to technicians in a laboratory causes uncomfortable delays, and the dental tech in the outside lab never meets the patient, or sees their face or smile. Dividing the process up between the dentist and the lab is not an optimum method for combining the essential elements of the perfect smile – health, function, technology, and aesthetics.

Dr. Macias is a passionate perfectionist who loves both technology and dentistry, and our greatest reward is watching our patients take their first look at that perfect smile after the procedure is done. It's life-changing for them - and exciting for us.

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"Dr. Edgard offers patients advanced dental procedures like implants, crowns, bridges and dental restoration using the most up-to-date technology and equipment available anywhere in the world. Patients like me travel from the US, Canada and Europe to undergo his "Ultimate Smile Makeover" procedure at very affordable Mexico prices."

- M.P., Porcelain Crowns Patient USA

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World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry in Beautiful Ajijic, Mexico

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